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Ask us about our new ICM-accredited course (ID #31636), 12 Ways to Create Psychological Health and Safety throughout the Employee Life Cycle.



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TREE for Supervisors focuses on providing a fully customized, one-on-one supervisor training experience over a four month timeframe. Your high-potential employees will get the skills they need to be successful in your particular workplace. Visit the Become a Great Supervisor page for more information.


TREE for Supervisors assists organizations in adopting the Canadian Psychological Health and Safety Standard. This Standard is becoming legally significant and can help you ensure that important Psychological Factors are managed in your workplace. It helps you protect employee mental health and promote mental wellness. We believe it is the key to employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity, and we integrate it into all of our practices. Visit the Psychological Health and Safety page for more information.


TREE for Supervisors can assist you with other HR practices, including training for your employees. The MeYouQ book and book club provide important skills in professional development, and other professional development workshops can be delivered. 

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